interviewer: “Where were you, do you remember your first time you heard your song on the radio?”

ingrid: “Yes, I was in my mother’s minivan by myself in Staten Island driving somewhere and I heard like the last 7 seconds of it (…) and nobody was there and then it was over. The second time I remember my family was in town and I was taking them to the museum and it was like 7 of us in the minivan and it came on and we were all like ‘WAHOO!!! *dancing around*’ Yeah that was exciting.”

interviewer: “And in that moment you were the coolest person in your family”

ingrid: “I still am” {x}


Ingrid’s reaction to potentially life-threatening situations (x)

@swizzle119: Awesomeness!! #sarabareilles #littleblackdresstour #Boston

@swizzle112: #sarabareilles #littleblackdresstour #Boston Amazing Show!

@madisonsquaregarden: @sarabareilles took our breaths away last night during her sold out show at the Theater at Madison Square Garden…and she’s going to do it again! Limited amount of tickets are still available for tonight’s show. Go to for more info and to purchase tickets for tonight’s performance. #SaraBMSG #LittleBlackDressTour #TheaterMSG cc: @epicrecords

This is a big room, but it seems like we’re all on top of each other, right? There’s gonna be sex tonight!
- Sara Bareilles at Madison Square Garden, 7/19/14 (via letthewordsfallout)


Sara Bareilles


sarabareilles: Apparently I’m trying to cast a spell on you New York… Thanks to @shervinfoto for the pic. :)

Any love birds here tonight? *random crowd cheers* Alright, cool. Fuck you.
- Sara Bareilles, MSG, July 20th (via letthewordsfallout)

@SaraBareilles: what a night! Don’t make me stalk you, Sutton.

@sfosternyc: @SaraBareilles let the stalking begin


Little Black Dress Tour (Philadelphia)

Photo by: Samantha Burkardt []

We’re sponsored tonight by sideboob. The front row’s going to have to let me know if my nips come out. That’s okay…they don’t get out to play a lot.
- Sara Bareilles, Madison Square Garden, 7/19/14 (via smallboyonherbike)