The Little Black Dress Tour (x)

30 Day Sara Bareilles Challenge

1) The idea is to post as creative of a response as possible. If you can gif? gif! if you can draw? draw! if you can edit photos? edit photos! but that’s not to the exclusion of those who can’t…you’re welcome to do the challenge too by posting links/explaining your answers etc.
2) Credit the original posters of the Youtube videos or photos you’re using for this challenge. Even if it was yours, because who knows you could gain followers for capturing such priceless moments.
3) Title each day so people know which day you’re on & perhaps even link to this original post so others can do the challenge as well if they see your post that’s apart of it.
4) Have fun! This might even bring the Sarabfan community closer! (if thats possible) LET’S BE FRIENDS! haha


sarabareilles: Preshie. @caraannfox @mistyboyce

@ingridmichaelson: Going gluten free again is going really well for me.


What was I saying to Bess???

Little Black Dress Tour

All the broken hearts in the world still beat

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Sara debuts a new song from the upcoming WAITRESS MUSICAL “She Used to be Mine”

Anonymous : Ingrid fans have the best URL's ever. You are so lucky To have grabbed this one ;D

Yes, I think so too. I love it. :)



Sara Bareilles and Carole King performing Beautiful/Brave.